Useful information about the apartments

About us, professionality and soundscape

We are not a hotel and we are in Africa as well. That’s the reason why things aren’t perfect all the time. In case something is missing, just let us know. And if things break, fixing them can take some time – but that’s typical for Seychelles. We try to do our best all the time. On Seychelles, it’s better not to be very sensitive to sound, because Seychelles offer a unique jungle soundscape. Throughout the day you can hear birdsong and especially in the evening the howling of flying foxes. The dogs (stray beach dogs and guard dogs) can strike up a howl at night. The majority of our guests does not get bothered by the sounds. However, if you are very sensitive, it is recommended to preventively take earplugs with you. On the weekends, the Sechellois people often celebrate on the beach. They turn on the sound machine of their cars, which can also be very noisy. They also have very loud and sometimes annoying voices, but that’s Seychelles. In case you stay at Josie’s Cottage, you will be surrounded by Josie and her family – that includes the creole family life, sometimes family dinners and parties. In case you don’t want to take part in that, they will leave you alone as well.


The water in Seychelles is drinkable but the quality varies depending on the area. It is recommended to drink bottled water only (about 13-15 SCR). We recommend you to buy big bottles with 5 liters (about 30 SCR), which you can buy at Mike’s Store. We can drive the bottles to the apartment for you if you don’t want to carry it all the way. During the dry months (July-September) the water sometimes gets rationed but our apartments are all equipped with water tanks. Try not to waste water during these periods. Oh, and don’t forget to drink enough water!



All our apartments are totally save. So far nothing happened, but there can always be a first time. Please put your valuable goods in the save or give them to Josie and she will store it for you. Please always lock your apartment and don’t leave valuable objects visible in the room, the terrace or the car. Please put valuable things inside your apartment during the evening and don’t leave it on the terrace. Also watch your valuable things while you are on the beach. On Mahé, there is a Tourist Police on the beach, but you cannot always rely on them.


We do have a washing machine. In case you want us to do your laundry, just let us know and give the laundry to Paula, our housekeeper and she will do it for you. 

Mosquitos and animals

We spray regularly, but cannot kill any insects. Mosquitoes can be expected especially during dusk. Simple mosquito sprays help against those beasts. We also recommend Tiger Balm, which cools the stiches. You can get it in drug stores or pharmacies. On Seychelles most people buy Peaceful Sleep, which also helps against mosquitos. They mostly show up during the evening. Close the doors and windows if you turn the lights on, this will keep them out. The Geckos, which live in the rooms are harmless and will disappear, if you turn on the air-con, because it gets to cold for them. There are not many poisonous animals on the islands. On the beach, you should beware of sand fleas. Although there are no preservatives, however, you should avoid to sunbath close fallen leaves or seaweed. On large beaches such as Beau Vallon Bay, leaves get cleaned up regularly. Treat bites by cooling them. Joseph, my cat, is very peaceful and always happy, to meet new guests. Anyways, he should not get into your apartments. Rex, the dog of Josie’s brother (at the apartment Horizon) is also harmless and peaceful. In case he barks at you, just talk to him and he will stop.


In Seychelles there is no waste seperation. Some glas bottles are returnable. You can get bin bags at Josie’s or at Mike’s Store. If your bin bag is full, just close it carefully and put it on Josie’s veranda. You will see where. Don’t leave any leftovers in the apartment. Close the packaging of your groceries and don’t crumb in the bed.

Sun protection

Seychelles is situated close to the equator, which means the sun is much stronger. In case you have pale and sensitive skin, bring enough sun protection with you. We recommend you to bring at least an SPF of 30. Especially during your first days on the island your skin is going to be more sensitive to the sun. In case you get sun burn easily, don’t forget to bring some After Sun with you.